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How medical science has failed back pain sufferers

Modern Medical Science has failed us …. all back pain sufferers.

I live in Bangalore .. the silicon valley of India… I live most of the weekdays glued to a computer screen and not always in the best posture

When I realized that I have a bulging disc in my back  I could not avoid going to doctors.

I am generally mistrustful of most doctors and scared of them .

What I realized was that most of the doctors of “modern medical science” are cowardly , heartless,  greedy money mongers who use our vulnerabilty and desperateness to extract as much money as they can from us!

They are clueless about why back pain occurs . They make you do expensive MRI’s that show vague things like ” Bulging discs”.

Scientific studies have proven that 52% of normal people who have bulging discs do not have any painful symptoms.

They have no clue as to why my toe is painful or why my wrist is hurting, they say the symptoms are different for difffernt people.

They have no idea why my head freezes over , when a normal symptom for a bulging disc in the neck is pain in the back of the head.

They claim they can push the disc back in .. they give u senseless medication like anti depressants .!

You search for information on the internet and all they give u is some crap if you pay 40 dollars.

Now when Medical science has no answer and all you meet are idiotic trained money mongering idiots who dont have the guts to say I dont know!

I met an ayurvedic doctor at the chikitsalya of Baba Ramdev. She was a beautiful woman and by the way she spoke I could see that she really cared about people and my well being. She was the only one who had the guts to say I dont know where your pain comes from.

She said ” its a pathological disorder and cannot be treated”

Do yoga and be calm your symptoms will dissapear.

I wish I had met her before I spent 2 months of my hard earned salary paying these useless quacks and eating crap medications.

So much more respect for doctors who care more about patients than about money!

You can find her at:

Patanjali Chitiksalaya Address in Bangalore
Location: Indiranagar
509, 9th Main, 3rd Cross, HAL II Stage, Indira Nagar, Bangalore 560 038, Karnataka, India | +91 (80) 2528 2423 | Mobile: Ms. Payal Satyajit, +91 90082 00344