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Second Day at the Gym

Recovering from an injury is hard work, not so much for the body but much more for the mind.

The mind corrupts somtimes and I get thoughts like ” whats the point? I might never recover!

But after overcoming all the negativity of the mind, the body is ready to heal.

It was great to finally get the green card from my doctor and to be able to exercise.

The second day at the gym I did the following routine :

10 Minutes of walking on the treadmill

Full Body Streching

15 minutes Cross Trainer

15 minutes cycling ( on a bike with back support)

Floor exercises like IRON MAN and Lower Back streghtening exercise

Pushups by leaning on a wall and  Squats with the help of a medicine Ball


The Pushups was tough and I have incredibly sore triceps!

It is important to keep the back straight while doing these… so that was something I was very careful about!


Stay Tuned for my Back Pain Routine !

More on this in subsequent Posts!


My First Day at a Gym in Bangalore

I have always been an outdoor person and until recently could not stand to be in a gym.

Gyms to me always seemed like these dreary factories in England during the industrial revolution.

and it seemed really pointless to me at the time.

But  Life in its infinite wisdom thought me a hard lesson.

After a painful episode with my back and neck , due to poor conditioning of my back muscles , I suffered from bulging discs.

It limited my life and kept me from everything I loved to do (Read : Trekking , Travelling , Cycling, Swimming).

This is when I realized how important flexibility and strength training really is.

So this is why I hit the gym.

I had a trainer who smiled a lot and I loved the streching machine. The gym that I go to is a little airy compared to most gyms in Bangalore. It is airconditioned , which I hate, but I guess as far as gyms go you dont have much of a choice in Bangalore.

It was not as bad I imagined it to be. The only thing was that they made me listen to Britney Spears while I was working out!


Stay tuned for more of my Fitness adventures right here !