A Walk in the historical town of Sira

The best way to keep fit is to do something active that you love to do. For me this involves travelling and exploring cities on foot.

It can be really adventurous and you discover things that you would never have seen from a car.

Being on foot really helps to see a place better and also helps you to keep fit!

This is a  travelogue about my walk in the historical town of Sira. This is located 50 kms from Tumkur and was founded by Rangappa Naik.However much later after the Bijapur kingdom fell into the hands of Aurangazeb , Dilawar Khan was appointed governor of Sira. He transformed the city into a beautiful place, with gardens and palaces. His legacy survives even to this day.

We took a 12km walk which you can do in a circle :

Start point :  Tomb of Malik Rihan (called ” Badi dargah”)

It is a beautiful monument, lying unattended , on the side of a busy highway. Its ornate carvings suggest on the regalia of the time gone by.

Abandoned House, Behind Jamia Masjid, Sira , Tumkur

A Lost World

Jamia Masjid Sira Tumkur

Second Monument : Jamia Masjid

This Masjid is a small one. However its beauty sparkles like a diamond , on a bright sunny day.

It is absolutely beautiful and a very spiritual place.

Jamia Masjid Sira Tumkur 1


Third Monument : Tippus Fort

This is a huge fort . However due to neglect and misuse a lot of its grandeur has been spoiled.  Many of the locals use it as a toliet and it is a haven for drunkards who want a quiet place to shake off their hangover.

However even through the neglected rubble one cannot help but admire the fort. It is surrounded by a huge moat and there is a network of canals to supply water throughout the fort. Some of the ruins like the palaces and the “samadhi” of the king and the queen are in absolute ruin. It was surprising to see carvings of anjaneya swamy a hindu god at the entrance of the fort. The circular wall of the fort is a little higher and from the top one can see the hills in the distance and the ” dodda kere” a large lake bordering Sira town.

Unfortunately we could not find a guide to tell us more about the history of the place. It is a beautiful place, but we were saddened to see the disinterest of the locals to preserve their own culture and heritage.


A Walk back to the bus stop totals 12 kms.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Tippus Fort In Sira , Tumkur

Tippus Fort In Sira , Tumkur


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