How sneezing is a Pain in the Neck!

Today I did not do any yoga and this has helped . I did not get the freezing feeling in my head or any headache or nausea.

However yesterday I spent quite some time working till 10 0 clock in the night in front of the computer without getting up to take a break. I was really engrossed in what I was doing.

I am paying for it today. I woke up late so I  did not have time to walk .

My neck is really really stiff and painful.

The radiculor pain in my right hand is worse than yesterday with pain in my fingers and upper arm.

I am feeling really exhausted and am also feeling the onset of a cold..

Sneezing is a nightmare, it forces the neck to jerk forward that send slivers of pain down my spine….

Hope the cold does not become any worse!


About Priyanka Sharma

I am crazy about Fitness and Nutrition.I would love to share this passion with other readers. Welcome to my blog. Reading my blog will help you avoid the same mistakes that I made and hopefully to a better more healthier and happier life.

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